Reconnecting to the heart

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Its been over two months since I started to do Kundalini Yoga on a daily basis. Granted, there were a few days interspersed there that I didn't do it, but not many.

I have found some profound change from all of it.

Kundalini Yoga is a practice that focuses on rhythmic breath, movement, and stretching to move energy throughout the body.

Kundalini energy is said to be the serpent dormant at the base of our spine. …

The journey of growth is easier with less weight on our shoulders

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Buying a used vehicle is like playing roulette. Buying a used not running vehicle could be considered insanity. I am learning this now.

I was trying to avoid the large expense of transportation by purchasing a used, not running motorcycle.

Transportation is one of the greatest US consumer expenses, and I imagine for a reason. We like to have our independence, to go where we want to go when we want to. If our car breaks down, we will pay whatever cost it takes to get there.

I recently bought a used motorcycle that wasn't running. I was trying to…

Making choices of change

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That sensitive creature inside needs to be nurtured and protected. Ever wonder why there is a fortress-like wall of ribs surrounding it and keeping it safe?

I made a hard decision today, one that is kinda not like me. I chose responsibility over adventure. I had the opportunity to help some friends sail a boat home. They were willing to help me with costs, and I would have been able to learn from a great sailer.

This is a rule I usually live by, if someone offers to fly you somewhere, you take them up on it. But, strangely enough…

How dogs tell us so.

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Have you ever seen a dog digging a hole? I'm sure you have, it looks as if they are digging in a frenzy to find what it is that's escaping them. It seems as though if they dig any slower whatever they are pursuing will get away.

They are fully responding to something that piqued the interest. They are giving it their all, in the hopes (I imagine) that they will find it.

Why go full crazy?

What's the sense of it? Do we lose our sense if we go half crazy?

The dogs seem possessed, they seem fully immersed…

Tim Sussmann

Traveler, Ponderer, Wannabe Writer. Hoping to expand my sphere of influence, and be influenced by a greater sphere. @timm_suss_mann

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